Geomancy is the art of reading energetic interactions that occur here on Earth and how they affect us. Feng Shui, the Chinese Taoist form of Geomancy, provides one of the most comprehensive and well documented explanations.


       8 directions (bagua)

Feng Shui - definition

Feng is Qi (energy) that flows above the ground and occupies every space there is, it flows as wind, and is fast moving. It's characteristics are dependent upon the direction in which it flows and the environment it occupies. It can be partially described as electromagnetically charged particles in the atmosphere.

Shui is Qi (energy) that is contained within the earth and is inherent in the structure of a building (all mass), it is slow moving. Shui can be experienced as a cool blue energy, hence being called water, it is essentially gravitational force.


    wind - Feng (Yang ) above & water - Shui ( Yin ) below.   


Feng Shui - key aims

  • To determine the best site/building for individuals.To balance the property to suit the occupants, maximizing potential.
  • Ensure an ample supply of good Qi into the property/space and a natural flow throughout.Counteract malign influences.
  • Orientate / position furniture, objects, working, living, sleeping areas favourably (using portents derived from Baguas).
  • Using colour to manipulate the energy of rooms/spaces favourably, (using the 5 element cycle).
  • Changing locations and orientation of doors / windows to affect the main energy and its exchange of   a building / space.