Tea Culture

In the past dynasties, people not only formed a special way of tea-drinking, but also developed an art form called tea-drinking. This art form comprises of many aspects. The most noticeable ones are the making of tea, the way of brewing, and the drinking utensils such as tea pot. The art of making tea is called "Cha dao", which was soon accepted as one of the most important cultures that Japan learned from China.


Categories of Tea

 Chinese tea can be classified into five categories according to the different methods by which it is processed.

  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • Wulong tea
  • Compressed tea
  • Scented tea


A skilled woman picker can only gather 600 grams (a little over a pound) of green tea leaves in a day.


Advantages of Tea-Drinking

  • dispel the heat and bring on instant cool together with a feeling of relaxation;
  • anti-inflammatory and germicidal properties;
  • help resolve meat and fat and thus promote digestion;
  • rich in various vitamins;
  • helps to discharge nicotine out of the system.


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